written in 1998

Now this one doesn't really make sense to me at all. We have 30 teams and 6 divisions now. 30 divided by 6 is 5. We could have 6 divisions each with 5 teams. All even. So what is the point to making the National League larger than the American League?

The American League is by history the junior league. Okay, I'll accept that as an historical fact. But to realign unevenly like this and give the American League less times really places them firmly into that junior role.

I believe that 5 teams per division would make all 6 divisions stronger. Four team divisions basically have 4 contenders, and the strong possiblity of producing a sub .500 division leader.

The National League is being favored by this arrangement. I hope the American League champion teams rise to the occation, and defeat the larger league!