written in 1997

I'm still not used to 3 divisions in each league, now we get intra-league play? Does Baseball really need to copy football and basketball?

I think the division split is ridiculous and should have been done after there were two more teams for even divisions. It doesn't make sense for for there to be divisions with only four teams. It automatically makes the western divisions the weaker divisions.

Then why water down the schedule with intra-league play? The two leagues have different rules. Why sould American League pitchers have to bat anytime but in the World Series? Why should National League teams have the extra added burden of learning the DH strategy.

Maybe I'm old fashioned, but what happened to the days when baseball set the trends, rather than merely copying things from football and basketball?

On the other may be nice to see the A's clobber the Giants in a game that really, it's not worth it. Why should I wish to see a hot penant race in the American League decided by games played against National League teams? Somehow it just doesn't seem right.