"We've spent the better part of our childhoods looking for you," Jazmaya said pointedly, "the least you can do is listen to what we have to say."
"Yeah," Eric and Michael said together.
"Honestly!" Karrina replied, "you are crazy!"
"No, we're not," Annika said quietly, "we each have recognized our destinies, and this has brought us to you."
"Are you or are you not a Magika?" Jazmaya calmed her tone.
"Yes, I am," Karrina said, "but all I do is tell fortunes."
"All you do," Annika said, "but it isn't all you can do, is it?"
"It's all I want to do," Karrina said, "I don't want to have a grand destiny."
"Good," said Michael, "Humility is a good quality for a queen."
Karrina sat down. She looked as if she were on the verge of tears. She looked straight at Annika, trying to shut out the others, "I am not a queen," she pleaded.
"Not yet," Annika said gently, "but the current queen of Atlantis isn't long for this world. You are the 5th Majika born on the same July 2nd at the same time. We are the other 4. We each have been rewarded for pursuing our destinies in this manner, and this quest has brought us to you."
"But queen? Me?"
"We have all been granted elemental power. We represent our respective elements, Water, Wind, Earth and Fire. Our destiny is to protect and serve the new Queen of Atlantis. You."
Jazmaya moved forward, "let us tell you our stories. Let us take you to see the Queen so she can tell you her story. Then decide."