It all started with a dolphin.

Back when I was Margaret Chase, a tiny 6 year old girl who could make spiders dance.
Oh I could do many other things as well, but the thing that got me in the most trouble was dancing spiders. My parents were not happy about having a Majika around, and tried to encourage me to outgrow my abilities.
They made me promise not to do magic for 7 whole days and they would take me to see the dolphins at Sea World. It wasn't easy, but I did it. They actually told me afterwards that they were proud of my self-control and that they wouldn't mind the magic so much if I used it appropriately and discretely. I had no idea, at 6 what either of those words meant. "Only use your magic for good and only when necessary," was mom's explanation.
I agreed that making spiders dance was probably not good for the spiders, and that was that.

Then we went to Sea World