Oakland A's

Okay, I know, I know....not a terrific season. The A's record in 1979 was 54 wins, and 108 losses. That's a 1/3, 2/3 ratio, and one all of us would just as soon forget. However, this is where I begin this gallery, because this is where it begins. My collection of A's yearbooks range from 1979-1984, and my scrapbooks run from 1980-1983. This was my hobby when I was in college; when I started working, I had less time for making scrapbooks and attending games, but I'm still an A's fan. Let's face it, if you were an A's fan in 1979, you are going to remain an A's fan for life.

One of the things about 1979 that stands out in my mind was being able to just chat with ball players before the games. The autographs on the program were not obtained at an official autograph signing, but rather over the rail at the ball park. That's something that you can't do now at all.

I wrote a poem for the team, and one for Matt Keough that season, which I gave them. Of course, I have no idea what they did with them.

I also had conversations with the ball players, which was a lot of fun. I told Mike Norris that I had been writing baseball commentary and analyses of the A's for one of my English classes, and he asked me what I thought about the team, and I said that the same team they had then could be a contender in 1980. He didn't believe me, I don't think. But they were.

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