Are You Being Served? Again!
Episode Guide

Are You Being Served? Again! Episodes have no titles, so I've chosen an element from each episode to use as a title, just to make things a little more clear.

Series One

  1. The Beginning:
    The episode starts right after Young Mr. Grace's funeral, where the staff from the Ladies and Gents department find out that the majority of their pension fund is a Manor House, being run as a country inn by none other than Cuthbert Rumbold.

    They take a trip there to find that there is no staff and a party of American Tourists expect the very next weekend. They also find out that their remaining pension will only bring them about 60 pounds per week, so they decide to stay at the Manor.

  2. The Arrest:
    While Mrs. Slocombe and Captain Peacock are driving into town (horse and buggy) to go shopping, they come across another horse and cart blocking the highway. Mrs. Slocombe attempts to move it and the horse bolts. She ends up being charged with stealing the cart and driving it in a dangerous manner.

    Other things that happen in the episode include Mavis and Mr. Humphries sawing wood, and Mrs. Slocombe's cat ruining a fox hunt.

  3. The Trial:
    Mrs. Slocombe appears before the magistrate, with Mr. Thorpe (Young Mr. Grace's solicitor) as her attorney. They spend a great deal all testifying as character witnesses, and the case is finally thrown out of court.

  4. The Interviews:
    The staff tidy up Millstone Manor to prepare for the expected American Tourists. Captain Peacock mows the lawns with a wild ride on mower; Mr. Humphries picks flowers for Mrs. Slocombe to arrainge, and helps Mavis clean the kitchen. Mrs. Slocombe and Miss Brahms vacuum and dust and such.

    Later they interview applicants for the vacant posts. One, an Elderly Woman named Mrs. Clegg-Hampton, who can make beds, but can't change sheets, the other a Mr. Balboni, who is a waiter on a train, and doesn't seem to be able to function on still ground.

  5. The Staff Photo:
    They stand in for the non existant staff for the photograph for the hotel's brochure. Then they plan basically who is going to do what for the arrival of the Americans. On Miss Lovelock's advice, she is to greet the guests, Mr. Rumbold is the hall porter, Captain Peacock the manager, Mr. Humphries the head waiter and Miss Brahms the bar maid. Mrs Slocombe ends up the chamber maid, and is told by Miss Lovelock to keep out of site as much as possible.

  6. The Americans:
    With the guests actually there, the staff help each other out with their various tasks, not to mention having to do a church service in the chapel, and a harvest thanksgiving dance after afternoon tea.

Series Two

  1. The gun:
    Captain Peacock finds a gun in a writing desk, and Mr. Rumbold calls the police to turn it in. The police come, assuming that Captain Peacock is a terrorist holding hostages, and the staff have to explain what really happened, in their usual mixed up way.

  2. Cricket:
    Miss Littlewood, one of the magistrates, comes to ask the staff of Millstone Manor if they would be interested in hosting and playing a cricket match. They agree, and in the end, Millstone Manor wins. Mavis' jealous boyfriend (well, he considers that he is such) Malcolm Heathcliff wants to start some trouble with Mr. Humphries.

  3. Mr. Slocombe:
    Cecil G. Slocombe, Mrs. Slocombe's ex-husband comes to the Manor to check it out for possible purchase. Mrs. Slocombe disguises herself as Mrs. Moulterd to hide from him, and the staff misrepresent the number of workers to make it appear a too costly proposition

  4. The dead cat:
    Captain Peacock and Miss Lovelock find a 200 year old petrified pussy in the attic. They all drive to the museum to give it to them, and when they go back to the manor, all sorts of supernatural things start happening. In the end, they bring the cat back

  5. The Mongolians:
    The staff have to figure an economical way of presenting a culture evening to a group of tourists from Outer Mongolia. The problem is the currency exchange rate devalued the party's deposit. They try to find some local talent, and interview Mrs. Clegg-Hampton once again, this time as a cellist. In the end, the staff put on the show themselves

    Malcolm Heathcliff shows up again in this episode to threaten Mr. Humphries

  6. Darts and Sheep:
    The staff are challenged to a dart game at the local pub. While there, Malcolm tries to start something with Mr. Humphries, and it ends up with Malcolm's dad and Mr. Rumbold going outside to fight. Mrs. Slocombe interferes, and lays Mr. Heathcliff out with a bottle of ale in her handbag, and gets the group banned from the pub.

    Mrs. Slocombe is concerned that the sheep they sold were going to end up at the butcher's rather than being used to grow wool. So they plan a commando raid, with Captain Peacock in charge.

1998 Karon Ann