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Name: Audrey Bare


Favourite Shows: Are You Being Served?

Why You Enjoy them: Humor,Character they play, and how well they work together.

Name: Julie Barman


Favourite Shows: Monty Python's Flying Circus, Red Dwarf, Are you Being Served?, Fawlty Towers, Mr. Bean

Why you enjoy them: They're original, not the cookie-cutter shows we have here, and they're so very very FUNNY!

Name: Jeremy Barrow


Favourite Shows: Mr. Bean, Oh! Dr. Beeching, Keeping Up Appearences, The Brittas Empire, Monty Python's Flying Circus, As Time Goes By, Are You Being Served

Why You enjoy them: The jokes are so subtle that you have to pay close attention to catch it.

Name: Scott Beal


Favourite Shows: Allo' Allo', Black Adder, Monty Pyhon

Why you enjoy them: They are just so DIFFERENT!!!

Name: bizkit


Favourite Shows: are you being served?, thin blue line, keeping up appearances, waiting for god, absolutely fabulous, allo allo, time goes on, 1ft in the grave, black adder, brittas empire, next of kin

Why You Enjoy Them: the british accents and humor. original story lines.

Name: Evelyn Berry

Favourite Shows: Keeping Up Appearances

Why You Enjoy Them: Their dry humor

Name: Debbie B.


Favourite Shows: Keep Up Appearances

Why You Enjoy them: Our dear Hyacinth is #1. Mr. Bean

Name: John Boler


Favourite Shows: The Good Life, To The Manor Born, Keeping Up Appearances, Waiting for God, Butterflies, and above all, Mapp and Lucia.

Why You Enjoy Them: They are so fresh even in re-runs compared to American comedy. They are far more sophisticated too!

Name: rich bremer


Favourite Shows: Young Ones, Comic Strip, Bottom

Name: M.Brozowski


Favourite Shows: Absolutely Fabulous, Are You Being Served?

Why You Enjoy Them: I love the accents and they are just so funny.

Name: Alex Burns


Favourite Shows: aybs, monty python, allo allo, all of them

Why you enjoy them: the humor

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