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Name: Polly Ell

Favourite Shows: I haven't met a Brit comedy I didn't like. (well...maybe Benny Hill)

Why you enjoy them: They make me laugh out loud!

Name: Lindsey Elliot


Favourite Shows: AYBS?, Red Dwarf, Ab Fab, Faith in the Future, Keeping Up Appearances, Vicar of Dibley and New Statesman.

Why You Enjoy Them: The fact that British comedies are more fresh and original than most American shows, and portray outrageous characters that would never be allowed on American t.v., except Fraiser perhaps (which is a British show in American drag anyway.

Name: Sheila Elliott


Favourite Shows: are you being served, keeping up apearances, eastenders, waiting for God, may to december, dads army

Why you enjoy them: because I am English and live over here in the USA, i like to see a bit of good old english comedy it takes me back home for awhile.

Name: Angharad Elwes


Favourite Shows: Monty Python, Red Dwarf, BlackAdder, Are You Being Served?, Waiting for God

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