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Name: j.halko


Favourite Shows: 'allo-'allo, red dwarf, yes,minister & yes prime minister, scotch & wry

Why you enjoy them: the cerebral

Name: Walter T. Harrington


Favourite Shows: Faulty Towers, Are You Being Served? (all forms), Mr. Bean, The Goodies, Almost any comedy you can think of!

Why You Enjoy Them: Dry double meanings

Name: stephanie harrison

Favourite Shows: Keeping up Apperances, Are you Being Served?, Faulty Towers, As Time Goes By

Why You enjoy them: The dry humor that I conect with. And I am a fan of anything British.

Name: Valerie Henderson

Favourite Shows: Keeping Up Appearances, Chef, Vicar of Dilby, Are You Being Served?, The Good Neighbors...

Why you enjoy them: The sarcasm

Name: Alan Heneghan


Favourite shows: Terry Thomas, Sid James, Monty Python

Why you enjoy them: The embarrassing moments.

Name: james hogg


Favourite SHows: Will Hay and Carry On's

Why you enjoy them: Their charm

Name: Honeybrown


Favourite Shows: Chef!, Vicar of Diblay, Keeping Up Appearances Next of Kin, Are you being Served, Thin Blue Line, One Foot in the Grave, Murder most Horrid, Ab Fab, Goodnight Sweetheart, Time goes by, Next of Kin, Bean

Why You enjoy them: That they are the funniest, when you have to think to understand them They make me laugh

Name: Caroline Howard


Favourite Shows: Keeping Up Appearances Are You Being Served (I've seen every episode four or five times!) Are You Being Served--Again The Vicar of Dibley To The Manor Born and the housewife scenes from Monty Python (i.e. the delivery of the new cookstove to the "wrong" address, etc., etc.).

Why You Enjoy Them: Their imagination, exaggeration, caricature, silliness, genuine funniness, eccentricity, great contrast between and among characters in any given show, and the number of times per half hour you are laughing out loud! John Inman and Patricia Routledge

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