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Name: C.L.


Favourite Shows: Waiting For God, Are You Being Served?, Red Dwarf, Keeping Up Appearances, and others

Why you enjoy them: classier than American comedy tends to be but still hilarious. the difference between Danny Kaye and Jim Carrey.

name: Tonie Laird


favourite shows: Jeeves & Wooster, Are you Being Served, Good Neighbors, To the Manor Born, Keeping up Appearances

why you enjoy them: The Sutle humor

Name: Larissa


Favourite Shows: Are You Being Served, AYBS Again, Keeping Up Appearances, Vicar of Dibley, Chef, Monty Python, Whose Line Is It Anyway

Why you enjoy them: clever, witty, lovely humour!

Name: Laurel


Favourite Shows: AYBS? KUA AYBS?A! Murder Most Horrid,Waiting for God, On Approval, To the Manor Born ,Mr Bean, Thn Blue Line Blackadder, Fawlty Towers,MPFC, Goodnight Sweetheart, As Time Goes By, Benny Hill , Take a Letter Mr Jones.

Why you enjoy them: JOHN INMAN, and that each enjoys it at their own level, I love double entendre like in AYBS? BRITCOMS ARE THE BEST ENTERTAINMENT EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name: Loulina


Favourite Shows: Are you being Served?/Waiting for God/To the Manor born/Vicar of Dibley/Open all Hours/May to December/Butterflies/Executive Stress/Brittas Empire/BlackAdder/Chef/Also, any and all British Comedies and Dramas

Why you enjoy them: Their outrageous humor. Their accents (really) and the chance to see a bit of Britain first hand in the stories

Name: Michael Lyon


Favourite Shows: Keeping Up Appearances, Are You Being Served?, Grace and Favour, As Time Goes By, Fawlty Towers, and Etc.

Why You Enjoy Them: The constant humour and enjoyment.

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