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Name: Jayson Walker

Favourite Shows: flying circus, Keeping up appearences, faulty towers, mr.bean, red dwarf, are you being served, the thin blue line

Why You enjoy them: they are extremely funny

Name: Mary Joy Webster


Favourite Shows: To the Manor Born, Good Neighbors,Bless Me Father,Fawlty Towers, Blackadder, Yes Minister, All Creatures Great and Small

Why You Enjoy Them: They are actually funny.

Name: Karon Wetzler


Favourite Shows: Are You Being Served?, Bless Me Father, Monty Python, Doctor Who (okay, it's not a comedy, but what is it?)

Why do you enjoy them: British comedies are much more daring in a much funnier way than American Comedies.

name: M. White

favourite shows: Butterflies

why you enjoy tje,: They have a wry and unique sense of humour

Name: Jolene Wilson


Favourite Shows: Are You Being Served?, Allo'Allo', Mr. Bean, Monty Python

Why you enjoy them:They have an unique sense of humor.

Name: Sandra Wilson

Favourite Shows: Are You Being Served, 'Allo, 'Allo, The Good Neighbors, To the Manor Born, Vicar of Dilby, Chef, Waiting for God

Why you enjoy them: The style, humor and characterizations.

name: John Wojewodzki


favourite shows: AYBS, KUA, MR BEAN.

why you enjoy them: Their accents.

Name: Brenda Wojnilowicz


Favourite Shows: Are You Being Served? Keeping Up Appearances. Mr. Bean, Black Adder, Waiting For God.

Why You Enjoy them: They are so genuinely funny. The British have such a great way of bringing their point across. I could watch all day.

Name: Chris Wyller


Favourite Shows: "The Good Life", "Keeping Up Appearences", "Are You Being Served?", "Grace and Favour", "Fawlty Towers","One Foot In The Grave", "To The Manor Born","Black Adder","Mr Bean", "Allo,Allo","The Thin Blue Line","Next Of Kin", "Waiting For GOD",And maybe,"The Vicar Of Dibly"(But only a little)

Why you enjoy them: They are the most funniest shows I ever saw in my life! I love the quick-witted humour,The best I ever saw since The Three Stooges. I remember my first viewing of "AYBS" and coudn't remember the last time I enjoyed a programme so much. Since then I just can't get enough of that Britcom stuff!

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