Child of God

The world says to be grown up
I have to be complete
By being what the world dictates is right
If I do not fit into a mold
I'll go down in defeat
And be condemned by everyone on sight.
God doesn't see me that way And in Him I am complete By believing and doing HIs will With faith just like a child My father I will meet By Jesus I already fit the bill.
For I'm a child of God Growing stronger every day Leaving worldly thinking behind me God makes me whole In each and every way A child of God is what I want to be.
The world can have it's grown up views The material in which they trust And the darkness in which they fall. Tomorrow will bring the world it's truth And all shall fall to dust. The world will be lost to all.
God has cloaked me in innocense And by His mighty hand I'm free To be complete in everything. He will lead His people home To be with Him eternally So I rejoice and sing.