Let's Worship the Lord

God is alive
He's the God of the living
God of the present not past.
If you haven't surrendered
What's gone on before
You're dying again 
Not truly reborn.
The past is gone And should be forgotten The future's not here To get in our way Let's worship the Lord Now and forever Let's worship the Lord today.
Oh Magnify the Lord Exalt His Name on high Dedicate your love to Him And you will never die.
Oh Praise His Holy Name Let His will be done for you Give him all of everything And He will carry you.
Don't waste your time On foolish endeavors On past long forgotten and dead. Don't carry old burdens And past disappointments As a crown upon your head.
Live each day As new mercies given To you by the God of the living Let's worship the Lord And give Him our lives And live life as it's only worth living.
Oh Magnify the Lord Parise His Holy Name Ask for His gracious forgiveness And surrender all your shame
Exalt His Name on high Come to Him a new. Live the life He's willed for you. And He will carry you.