For on a Wood Cross

We wander and we wonder.
We let the days go by.
Soon nothing seems to matter,
And we don't ask why.
We give up on our values, 
And we live our lives to die.
Yet the Savior came among us To build our lives anew To give us our redemption From the ways we did pursue. To call on Jesus' love Is all we need to do.
Oh savior redeem me; Take me to you. Forgive all my failings With loving renew. For on a wood cross Your grace let me in; Your blood shed for me While I yet did sin.
Now we can live, For the Lord gave us life. And a blessed redeemer, To save us from strife Of a life dead with sin, Brought us eternal life.
Yet we still deny Him, And ignor why He died, And by our slander He is still crucified. So come unto Jesus, And He'll walk by your side.
Oh Savior forgive me For walking away; For driving in nails, By sin, dying each day. For on a wood cross, Your life you did give In love of the sinners So that we may live.
We wandered and wondered, And let days go by. We followed a path That would lead us to die. We claimed to be righteous, But our lives were a lie.
Whe His love touched our lives, The Savior we knew. By His death on the cross, Our lives were renewed. To live life for Jesus Is all we can do.
Oh Savior rejoice For your prodical son, Whose sould is now yours; Another victory is won. For on a wood cross With thieves at your side, For my unworthy life, In love, there you died.