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Week ending 14 Jan 00

After Adam nixed giving Janet money (to pay off Sophie), she plotted to get rid of Sophie. Hayley, who learned Janet was meeting Sophie in a warehouse, went to investigate. Sophie hid an unconscious Hayley, who was knocked out when she was hit by sandbags meant for Sophie. The warehouse was set on fire as Sophie and Janet struggled. Trevor arrived after Janet killed Sophie in self-defense, then he lied to the cops, telling them that he killed Sophie. Trevor attempted to escape from jail after refusing to let Janet admit she killed Sophie. Mateo rescued Hayley from the warehouse. Jake told Gillian that he is going to file for custody of Colby after Marian refused to reveal Liza and Colby's whereabouts. Adam urged Gillian to tell Jake that he is not Colby's father. Alex admitted to Edmund that she called David "Geoffrey." David was angry with Erica for telling Edmund that Alex spent several years in a mental hospital.

Week ending 7 Jan 00

Erica badgered David until he admitted Alex pushed him down the stairs, even though he lied that he tripped. David, who is trying to push Alex over the edge mentally, reminded her of Geoffrey, a man from her past. Erica is investigating Alex's past. Liza was stunned when Adam admitted he broke out of the safe room weeks ago and has been impersonating Stuart, who was impersonating Adam. Liza was relieved when Marian retrieved Adam's letter informing Jake he is not Colby's father. Liza warned that Adam will never see her or Colby again if he tells Jake the truth. Sophie broke into the Dillon house and then told Janet she was going to kill the next person who came through the door. Hayley unwittingly saved Trevor's life when she detained him outside his house. Gillian accepted Jake's marriage proposal after she saw Greenlee and Ryan in a clinch. Mateo bought Hayley an engagement ring. Adrian kissed Tina.

Week ending 31 Dec 99

Janet, who worried that she had killed Sophie, covered when Trevor questioned her desire to get out of town and visit Tim. Sophie tortured Janet by popping up everywhere. After helping Alex through an anxiety attack, Rae suggested that being around David is triggering a memory from Alex's past. During a confrontation with David, Alex shoved him down a flight of stairs while recalling an argument with an older man from her past. After Adam said he wants to claim Colby as his child, Erica agreed to keep mum that she caught Adam stealing Colby's DNA file from David's office. Adam ordered Barry to send Jake a letter revealing that Adam is Colby's father. During the Crystal Ball, Adam plans to ask Liza to go away with him. Vanessa was shocked to learn Leo has a job at WRCW-TV.

Week ending 24 Dec 99

Adam escaped from the safe room, but Barry convinced him to pretend he is still Marian's prisoner. Adam pretended to be Stuart when Liza caught him with Colby. Tad's arrival stalled Adam's plan to abduct Liza and Colby. Adam also planned to have Barry write a letter telling Jake he is not Colby's father. While pretending to be Stuart, Adam fumed when Tad talked about what a terrible person Adam is. Gillian learned she has no permanent brain damage. Janet knocked Sophie out when she feared the woman was going to harm Amanda. Unable to wake Sophie, Janet put her limp body in a dumpster. After learning that Hayley hired Greenlee as her assistant, Leo warned Hayley to keep close tabs on the girl. David told Erica that he plans to use kindness to send Alex packing. A clock David gave her made Alex recall old nightmares. Trevor and Adrian played matchmaker for Hayley and Mateo. Rae searched for Daniel.

Week ending 17 Dec 99

David told Erica that Alex blames him for the suicide death of Siobhan, her best friend and his former lover. David added that Alex is out to ruin him because he rejected her romantically. Alex was upset that despite telling Palmer and Joe about Siobhan's death, Joe wanted David to head the Foundation. Erica was livid to learn Alex was staying in town and would be co-head of the Foundation with David. Watching via closed-circuit TV, Adam was stunned when Adam (Stuart) gave Janet money that she lied was for charity. Janet gave the money to Sophie.

Synopsis from united feature syndicate via Contra Costa Times

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