Week ending 14 Jan 00

Edmund stopped Carmen from injecting Vanessa with a sedative, then did the deed himself after Vanessa came out of her coma and tried to tell Rick that she and Carmen both shot Ben. Rick was suspicious of Carmen after traces of sedatives showed up in Vanessa's blood tests. Edmund is determined to take control of San Cristobel away from Richard, and plans to use Beth to do it. Susan was not thrilled when Jim said Beth and Lizzie are moving in with them. Olivia and Josh made love. Reva sneaked into Olivia's apartment and learned Jonathan's whereabouts. Cassie and Richard were trying to ignore their attraction to each other when Reva came to tell Richard she found Jonathan. Cassie was upset to see Reva in Richard's arms after he said they had things to discuss. Abby told Rick she wants a baby. Buzz and Selena made love. Michelle was granted bail as a result of the fake alibi Len gave her.

Week ending 7 Jan 00

Reva was upset that Richard said he has dealt with his feelings for her and is going ahead with plans to marry Cassie. Reva was even more agitated to learn that Richard did not call off the wedding after she told him Cassie loves him. Cassie lied to Richard that she only told Reva she loves him to get her out of their lives. Olivia lied to Reva that she has no idea where Jonathan is. When Josh laid into Olivia for botching a business meeting, Marah admitted that Olivia was rescuing her from a sexual assault at the time of the meeting. Carmen prepared to inject Vanessa with a sedative after she came out of her coma and tried to reveal that she and Carmen both shot Ben. Danny pleaded with Len, an ice cream store owner, who later said he saw Michelle at the time Ben was murdered. Rick was upset that Abbey is not sure she wants to have children. Edmund decided not to show Phillip the video of him and Beth making love for now.

Week ending 31 Dec 99

Vanessa vowed to regain consciousness after realizing Carmen is planning to kill her. Pretending concern over Vanessa, Carmen got close to Matt. Edmund wants money from Carmen to keep mum about their past business deals (she laundered money in San Cristobel). Edmund is curious about Carmen's interest in Matt and Vanessa. Holly lied to Ross and Blake that she is not in love with Ross. Ross and Blake named the baby Clarissa. Rick advised Phillip to keep quiet after he admitted sleeping with Beth while trapped in the crashed plane. Jim gave Beth an engagement ring. Marah did not believe Josh and Olivia, who insisted they have a platonic relationship. Reva decided to find Jonathan so Richard can decide their son's fate.

Week ending 24 Dec 99

Holly told Ross when she realized he fathered Blake's baby. Ross rushed off to see Blake after Harley revealed she was hiding at the Bauer cabin. Ross and Blake reconciled after he helped her deliver their daughter. Jim warned Phillip not to trust Edmund, who will be under Beth's supervision at Spaulding. Phillip panicked when Beth received a videotape sent by Edmund, who kept mum that he has the real video of Phillip and Beth making love. Carmen sneaked in to see Vanessa, who confirmed Carmen's suspicion that she shot Ben by squeezing Carmen's hand. Richard told Reva he cares about her, but intends to go ahead with plans to marry Cassie. Drew was thrilled when Selena revealed she can walk again. Reva warned Olivia not to take advantage of Josh. Frank let Danny spend Christmas Eve with Michelle. Danny wants Ross to defend Michelle.

Week ending 17 Dec 99

Harley and Buzz caught up to Edmund and Jim, then teamed up to rescue Beth and Phillip. As Beth and Phillip agreed to keep mum that they made love, Edmund took the video of their lovemaking. Richard wanted Edmund to stand trial for treason, but Cassie talked Phillip into arranging Edmund's exile and giving him a job at Spaulding. Beth accepted Jim's marriage proposal. Marah and Shayne were devastated when Josh and Reva decided to separate. Richard gave Cassie an engagement ring just before Reva phoned to tell him about her split with Josh.

Synopsis from united feature syndicate via Contra Costa Times

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