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Week ending 14 Jan 00

Stefano failed in an attempt to force Kurt to free him and Hope. After fixing their makeshift transmitter, Stefano and Hope made contact with a radio station via Morse code. While Hope was convinced Bo will rescue her, Bo had a vision of Hope saying he can still save her. Bo and the rest of the family worried about Hope (Gina), who underwent surgery for her gunshot wound. Post-surgery, Hope (Gina) could not breathe just after she told Bo she is dying. John rescued Shawn from the building ledge he fell to after Hope (Gina) fired a shot at his feet. Greta arrived when Gina was trying to tell Shawn she is not his mother, Hope. Gina's heart monitor flatlined just as she tried to tell Bo she is not Hope. Bo and everyone else were stunned when Shawn told them Hope (Gina) had tried to kill him. Chloe was not convinced when Nancy said Craig bought a new house and they are going to be a happy family.

Week ending 7 Jan 00

Despite everyone's objections, including Greta's, Hope (Gina) married Bo. During the wedding reception, Shawn heard Hope (Gina) tell Lili that things were not going as she planned. After getting Shawn on a terrace, Hope (Gina) ordered him to jump off a ledge. Hope (Gina) fired a shot at Marlena, who collapsed. Hope (Gina) was shot when John tried to get the gun away from her. Belle found a semi-conscious Shawn lying on a rock ledge. Hope sensed Shawn was in trouble. Stefano lost contact after getting an SOS through to a radio station. Rolf panicked when John recalled being on the submarine with Hope (Gina). Chloe agreed to give Nancy a chance to be her mom. Nicholas and Kate shared a New Year's Eve kiss. After Victor stood for the first time since his stroke, Kate was miffed that Vivian played a part in his recovery.

Week ending 31 Dec 99

Philip, who could not pay up, survived when his bookie's henchman beat him to a pulp. Kate was stunned to learn about Philip's gambling debt from Victor, who told Philip he will pay off the debt by working for Henderson. Victor called his former bodyguard and told him to take care of those responsible for Philip's beating. Everyone was stunned that Bo and Hope plan to wed immediately. Hope (Gina) threw Marlena out when she said Hope (Gina) is not ready to marry Bo, but Marlena vowed to stop the wedding. Gina showed Greta a gun she had hidden beneath her dress. Shawn told Belle he does not think Hope (Gina) is his mother. While Hope worried that Bo is in trouble, Stefano turned a phonograph into a transmitter and then sent an SOS in hopes that they will be rescued.

Week ending 24 Dec 99

Craig rushed Nancy to the hospital after she was hit by a truck while running after Chloe. Nancy survived surgery, but was in a coma. Feeling to blame for Nancy's condition, Chloe, who had taken the money Nancy withdrew from her trust fund, decided to go to New York City, but sneaked into Nancy's hospital room. Craig was stunned when Nancy came out of her coma while Chloe was singing Christmas carols to her. While Brandon paid a computer hacker to get police files on Abe, Roman and Abe found nothing on Brandonin the police files. Fearing John will remember the past, Rolf and Bret tried but failed to remove the microchip from his neck. Gina gave the Renet to Stefano; then she and Kurt locked him in the turret with Hope. Philip worried when Victor kept Vivian from giving him money (to pay his bookie). Philip met his bookie. Victor nearly saw Kate kissing Nicholas.

Week ending 17 Dec 99

After making love with Hope (Gina), Bo admitted things seemed different between them. Hope (Gina) suggested things would get better for her and Bo if they got married again. Gina revealed her identity to Stefano, then said she is over John, and is starting a new life with Bo. Gina broke free when Stefano tried to strangle her, then said she will give him the Renet painting if he leaves Salem for good. Hope began to remember pieces of her past after Kurt took her back to the castle and locked her in the turret again.

Synopsis from united feature syndicate via Contra Costa Times

Guest Appearance in September 1999

Susan Seaforth-Hayes and Bill Hayes

Did You Know?

Louise Sorel was in one of the final episodes of the original Star Trek series? She played Reena, and android girl in Requiem for Methuselah.


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