Week ending 14 Jan 00

Frank and Joe got closer as brothers while discussing the fact that Neil is having a hard time dealing with his leukemia. Neil, who sneaked into court to watch Julie's trial, was stunned when he overheard Karen tell Frank that Joe should be told he is not Neil's father. Frank, Karen, Courtney and Joe realized Neil was missing while the boy was freezing in a park. Although still skeptical about Julie's innocence, Scott put her on the stand and she testified that she did not kill John Kanelos. Julie was upset when Lucy took Christina out of town. Frank and Courtney came to terms over the loss of their baby.

Week ending 7 Jan 00

When Scott and Lucy found Julie holding Christina, she lied that the baby was crawling outside the Lodge all by herself. After Julie saved Christina, Lucy said she will prove Julie innocent of the General Homicide murders. Everyone was stunned when Greg Cooper testified that Julie committed the General Homicide murders all on her own. Scott agreed to take Julie's case after her lawyer was fired when he nixed letting Julie testify on her own behalf. Chris wants Rachel taken off Julie's case. Karen decided to keep mum that Joe is not Neil's father, while Joe is upset because he feels he can't help Neil.

Week ending 31 Dec 99

Joe donated blood in an effort to find a marrow donor for Neil. Karen used Joe's blood sample for a DNA test that proved Frank is Neil's father. Karen told Matt that Frank is Neil's father, but after confronting Frank, Karen decided not to tell Joe he isn't Neil's father. Scott arranged for him and Lucy to marry at the Lodge on New Year's Eve. Julie went to the Lodge for help when the driver of the van taking her back to Ferncliff had a heart attack. Julie snatched Christina when Serena left the baby alone for a moment.

Week ending 24 Dec 99

Scott paid one last visit to his hospitalized father, DV, after learning from Rachel that DV was being sent to a long-term-care facility. Victor's testimony hurt Julie's case, as did Kevin's, but Leopold discredited Kevin after revealing he once stalked Felicia. Dara played Julie's murder confession tape for the jury. Rachel arranged for Chris and Julie to spend Christmas together. Kevin and Eve suspect that Rachel has a history of getting dangerous criminals released from prison. Courtney and Joe told Neil that she miscarried her baby, which could have been a bone marrow donor for Neil.

Week ending 17 Dec 99

After losing her baby as a result of her injuries, Courtney vowed to make Karen pay by blaming her for the car accident. Courtney underwent surgery that saved her life. Courtney's accident kept Frank from telling Joe that he is not really Neil's father. Lucy told Scott that she dreamed Julie is innocent of the General Homicide murders. Chris (rightly) accused Rachel of bringing Nicole to town.

Synopsis from united feature syndicate via Contra Costa Times

Cast of Characters

Personal Trivia...

#1: My mother always referred to Peter Hansen (Lee Baldwin) as Peter Handsome! If she was around today, she would be pleased that he is still handsome.

#2: I got my first introduction to Port Charles by a co-worker, who told me that there was a character on it with my name.
Karen Wexler-Karon Wetzler....hmmm....pretty close.
That was the first week that Port Charles was on. Obviously the show still has my interest!


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