Week ending 14 Jan 00

After finding the video of her and Luke in the throes of passion, Felicia told Luke she was going to tell Mac it happened because they thought Faison was going to kill them. Mac was furious when Faison escaped from jail. Luke met with Faison, who told him Lucky is alive. Faison sped off in his boat after Mac arrived on the scene and fired shots at him. As arranged by Helena, Faison's boat blew up as he headed out of Port Charles. Luke told Roy he is checking out Faison's claim that Lucky is alive. Jason told Emily, Lila, Monica and Michael he is leaving town. Before his exit, Jason ran into Carly. Ned and Chloe were surprised that Monica agrees with their plan for Alan to hook up with Gertrude, in part to help AJ. Edward told Carly she will not keep custody of Michael if she leaves AJ. Emily and Juan got romantic. Elizabeth and Nikolas are friendly again.

Week ending 7 Jan 00

Mac secretly watched as Luke and Felicia admitted they will keep mum to Mac about their feelings for each other. Laura was upset after witnessing a close moment between Luke and Felicia. After Alexis refused to defend Helena for Katherine's murder, Helena decided to frame Faison. Max later found a blonde wig (planted by Helena) in Faison's belongings. Mac, who suspects Helena had something to do with the wig, learned fibers from the wig match those found at the site of Katherine's murder. Helena revealed she framed Faison, who forced her to help him escape jail by threatening to tell what happened to Lucky. Alexis was surprised that she is not happy about Jax and Chloe's closeness. Taggert comforted Hannah after Sonny rejected her again. Elizabeth was devastated when Jason said he can't spend time with her anymore. Ned offered to stay away from ELQ if Alan agrees to divorce Monica, then marry Gertrude.

Week ending 31 Dec 99

Jax and Chloe spent New Year's Eve flying around the world, landing on a remote island, and finally making love for the first time. Ned and Alexis managed some time alone on New Year's Eve. After watching the romantic video of Luke and Felicia he received from Faison, Mac told Faison that he thinks the video was doctored. Secretly, Mac was worried that there is something between Felicia and Luke. Felicia, who is recovering from a flesh wound, told Chloe about her feelings for Luke, but insisted she is sticking by Mac. Sonny was amused by Mike's date with Gertrude. Roy moved into Laura's home and then talked with her about how true love never fades.

Week ending 24 Dec 99

Faison locked Luke and Felicia in a cell-like room together. Believing Faison intends to kill them, Luke and Felicia admitted their feelings for each other, but a guilty Felicia stopped short of making love. Luke got Faison's attention by pretending to force himself on Felicia, who ended up wounded when Faison shot at Luke. Mac came to the rescue, and Felicia stopped him from killing Faison, who was arrested. Faison sent Mac and Felicia a videotape. While Luke visited Lesley Lu, he and Laura talked about Lucky. Bobbie and Stefan were not pleased that Laura rented a room to Roy. Nikolas started a fight with Jason after Liz nixed ending her "affair" with Jason. Audrey accused Sonny of being a bad influence on Liz. Sonny rejected Hannah's advances. Helena told her lawyer she may have to use a secret weapon to be acquitted of killing Katherine. Emily is impressed with Juan's vocal talents.

Week ending 17 Dec 99

Liz let Nikolas think she and Jason are lovers. Felicia was unable to escape from Faison, who moved her to another hideout just before Luke and Mac showed up at the old one. Mac tailed Luke, who was lured to the second hideout by Faison. Felicia realized that Faison plans to kill her. Hannah was made liaison between the Port Charles Police and the FBI, and was reminded that she will lose her badge if she has any contact with Sonny. Roy comforted Bobbie, who was upset that she didn't get to the docks before Jerry left.

Synopsis from united feature syndicate via Contra Costa Times

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