The Soap Opera
Star Trek


Mark AlaimoGul Dukat-DS9
Virgil Paris-Somerset
Majel BarrettNumber One-The Cage/The Menagerie-OS
Nurse Christine Chapel-OS
Computer Voice-all
Lwaxana Troi-TNG/DS9
Bea-General Hospital
Felecia M. BellJennifer Sisko-DS9
Glynnis Turner-Days of Our Lives
Dr. Simone Ravella Hardy-General Hospital
Bibi BeschDr. Carol Marcus ST II
Janet Hill-The Secret Storm
Susan Forbes-The Edge of Night
Iris Donnelly Garrison-Love is a Many Splendored Thing
Eve Lawrence-Somerset
Brooke BundyChief Engineer Sarah MacDougall-The Naked Now-TNG
Diana Maynard Taylor-General Hospital
Rebecca North LeClair-Days of Our Lives
Anthony CallLt. David Bailey-The Corbomite Maneuver-OS
Colin Whitney-The Edge of Night
Herb Callison-One Life to Live
John ColicosKor-Errand of Mercy-OS
/Blood Oath/The Sword of Kahless/Once More into the Breach-DS9
Matthew Devereaux-The Secret Storm
Mikkus Cassadine-General Hospital
Denise CrosbyLt. Natasha Yar-TNG
Lisa Davis-Days of Our Lives
John de LancieQ-TNG/DS9/STV
Eugene Bradford-Days of Our Lives
Elizabeth DennehyLt. Commander Elizabeth Paula Shelby-The Best of Both Worlds Pt. I & II-TNG
Blake Thorpe-Guiding Light
Elinor DonahueCommissioner Nancy Hedford-Metamorphosis-OS
Doctor Anderson-Santa Barbara
Sylvia Furth-Generations
James DoohanMontgomery Scott-OS/TNG
Damon Warwick-The Bold and the Beautiful
Michael DornLt. Commander Worf-TNG/DS9
Colonel Worf-ST VI
Jimmy-Days of Our Lives
Marj DusayKara-Spock's Brain-OS
Myra Clegg-Capitol
Pamela Capwell Conrad-Santa Barbara
Alexandra Spaulding-Guiding Light
Vivian Alamain-Days of Our Lives
Vanessa Bennett Cortlandt-All My Children
Gene DynarskiBen Childress-Mudd's Women-OS
Krodak-Mark of Gideon-OS
Comm. Orfil Quinteros-11001001-TNG
Jed-General Hospital
Michelle ForbesEnsign Ro Laren-TNG
Solita Carrera/Sonni Carrera Lewis-Guiding Light
Michael ForestApollo-Who Mourns for Adonais?-OS
Corley Maxwell-Days of Our Lives
Nick Andropoulos-As the World Turns
David FromanCaptain K'nera-Heart of Glory-TNG
Gunther Sylvester Wagner/Gunther Bruno Wagner-The Edge of Night
Frank GorshinCommissioner Bele-Let that Be Your Last Battlefield-OS
Smiley Wilson-The Edge of Night
Reverend Love-General Hospital
George-The Bold and the Beautiful
Lloyd HaynesLt. Alden-Where No Man Has Gone Before
DA/Mayor Ken Morgan-General Hospital
Kathyrn HaysGem-The Empath_OS
Leslie Jackson-Guiding Light
Kim Sullivan Reynolds Dixon Stewart Andropoulos Hughes-As the World Turns
J G HertzlerGeneral Martok-DS9
Vulcan Captain-Emissary-DS9
Roy-Far Beyond the Stars-DS9
General Stark-General Hospital
Penny JohnsonKasidy Yates-DS9
Debbie-General Hospital
Andres KatsulasCommander Tomalak-TNG
Lucien Goff-Guiding Light
Jennifer LienKes-STV
Hannah Moore-Another World
Laurence LuckinbillSybok-ST V
Frank Carver-The Secret Storm
Key LukeGovernor Cory-Whom Gods Destry-OS
The Ancient One-General Hospital
Janet MacLachlanLt. Charlene Masters-Alternative Factor-OS
Rose-Days of Our Lives
Gates McFaddenDr. Beverly Crusher-TNG
Dr. Anna Tolen-All My Children
Robert Duncan McNeillCadet First Class Nicholas Locarno-The First Duty-TNG
Lt. Tom Paris-STV
Charlie Brent-All My Children
Colm MeaneyChief Miles O'Brien-TNG/DS9
Patrick London-One Life to Live
Lee MeriwetherLosira-That Which Survives-OS
Ruth Brent Martin-All My Children
Phil MorrisBoy in Army Helmet-Miri-OS
Thopok-Looking for par'Mach in all the Wrong Places-DS9
Rema ta'Klan-Rocks and Shoals-DS9
Trainee Foster-ST III
Tyrone Jackson-The Young and the Restless
Diana MuldaurDr. Ann Mulhall-Return to Tomorrow-OS
Dr. Miranda Jones-Is There in Truth No Beauty-OS
Dr. Katherine Pulaski-TNG
Ann Wicker-The Secret Storm
Kate MulgrewCaptain Katherine Janeway-STV
Mary Ryan Fenelli-Ryan's Hope
Leonard NimoyMr. Spock-OS/TNG
Bernie-General Hospital
Susan OliverVina-The Cage/The Menagerie-OS
Dr. Laura Spencer Horton-Days of Our Lives
Brock PetersAdmiral Cartwright-ST IV & VI
Joseph Sisko-DS9
Commander Lewis-The Young and the Restless
Madlyn RhueLt. Marla McGivers-Space Seed-OS
Daphne DiMera-Days of Our Lives
Andrew RobinsonGarak-DS9
Frank Ryan-Ryan's Hope
Cousin Yuri-Days of Our Lives
Katheryn Leigh ScottNuria-Who Watches the Watchers-TNG
Maggie Evans/Josette du Pres Collins-Dark Shadows
William ShallertNilz Baris-The Trouble with Tribbles-OS
Roger Wainwright-Santa Barbara
James SikkingCaptain Styles-ST III
Dr. James Hobart-General Hospital
William SmithersMerrick-Bread and Circuses-OS
Stanley Norris-Guiding Light
Louise SorelRayna-Requiem for Methuselah-OS
Augusta Lockridge-Santa Barbara
Judith Russell Sanders-One Life to Live
Vivian Alamain-Days of Our Lives
Michael StrongDr. Roger Korby-What Are Little Girls Made Of?-OS
Dick Appleman-The Edge of Night
George TakeiMr. Sulu-OS
Diem-General Hospital
Constance TowersAmbassador Taxco-The Forsaken-DS9
Helene Cassadine/"Roxy"-General Hospital
Marian Hiller-Love is a Many Splendored Thing
Clarrissa McCandless-Capitol
Audrey North-The Young and the Restless
Juliana Deschanel-Sunset Beach
Nana VisitorMajor Kira Nerys-DS9
Georgina Whitman-One Life to Live
Morgan WoodwardDr. Simon Van Gelder-Dagger of the Mind-OS
Captain Ronald Tracy-The Omega Glory-OS
Phillip Colville-Days of Our Lives
Meg WylieThe Keeper-The Cage/The Menagerie-OS
Nurse Doris Roach/Lila Morgan Tolliver Quartermaine-General Hospital
Michael ZaslowCrewman Darnell-The Man Trap-OS
Ens. Jordan-I, Mudd-OS
Dick Hart-Search for Tomorrow
Roger Thorpe-The Guiding Light
David Renaldi-One Life to Live
Star Trek Abbreviations:
OS=Original Series
TNG=The Next Generation
DS9=Deep Space Nine
STV=Star Trek: Voyager