Starbase 12 Log, Stardate 7428.4. The Klingons are on the verge of invading strategic territory near the Federation-Klingon border. The USS LEXINGTON, in who's quadrant the 2G systems are located, is currently en route there from nearly the other end of the galaxy. The LEXINGTON's crew just had shore leave on Starbase 22 and just can't get to Calderon fast enough! I'm going to send the ENTERPRISE there from here, and because of their new design, they will arrive first. Their presence there could escalate the whole bloody thing, but I need Kirk's expertice there. He has prevented interstellar war more than once and I'm counting on him to do it again. The fleet will be waiting in the wings.

"Lieutenant Mitchell," Commadore Cramer summoned his assisstant, "when is the ENTERPRISE due to arrive?"
"Any minute, sir," he said calmly.
"They will depart almost immediately after they arrive. Are the tapes ready for Admiral Kirk?"
"Yes, sir," Mitchell said, "and he isn't going to like them."
"If I want your opinion, I'll promote you, Lieutenant," he said hotly, "then added calmly, "I don't like it either."
"Then why?"
"I need him there! The LEXINGTON cannot fight a Klingon ambush alone. Now carry on, Lieutenant."
"Yes, sir."

Dawn McCurry paced in the starbase transporter room waiting to hear from the ENTERPRISE. She was anxious to ge the boarding over with as quickly as possible
When word came, she hurried onto the platform and beamed aboard. She was met in the transporter room by Admiral Kirk and Doctor McCoy.
"Permission to come aboard, Admiral," she said, looking directly into Kirk's eyes. She didn't like what she saw.
Kirk hadn't known what to expect. He didn't expect what he saw; a fairly tall, fairly thin woman-no-girl. She looked like a girl, though she had to be in her thirties. She had very long, yellow-blond hair which was tied back in a pony tail. She had aa trace of frreckles on her face, and deep blue eyes. Not an adequate replacement for Scotty, he nearly said aloud. Instead, he said nothing; he didn't have to. She reacted as if he had voiced his thoughts.
"Admiral," she began, shoked at what she read in his eyes, "I never wanted to replace Montgomery Scott, in aything. I..." she hesitated, then stiffened, "I did design this ship, you know. I know it as well as or even..."
"Permission to come abooard granted," McCoy interrupted, "report to sickbay for the routine checkup."
"Dismissed, Miss McCurry," Kirk hissed intentionally.
Dawn didn't protest further.

"Admiral," Cramer said as Kirk entered the office, "the LEXINGTON will arrive five days after you do."
"Five days!" Kirk frowned, "no wonder the Klingons have moved in."
"The Klingons haven't moved in. They have increased patrol in the area. We have reason to believe that they intend to invade Calderon."
"Invade an established Federation planet! Are they out of their minds?"
"Admiral Kirk, they are Klingons."
"I've heard that one before, commadore. Klingons have varied reputations. They'd be more likely to want interstellar war rather than a simple invasion."
"If they have war on their minds," Cramer sat down, "the fleet will be ready."
"If they have war on their minds, they won't be invading Calderon."
"Admiral, I wish we could wait until the LEXINGTON gets their to send you, but the Federation can't afford to look like we're ignoring the Klingons," Cramer nervously shuffled the papers on his desk, "We can't give them free run of the 2G systems."
"Or presence there could start something. The Klingons know the ENTERPRISE doesn't belong there."
"You were just there, weren't you?"
"No, we weren't," Kirk snapped, "Scotty was taken thhere on a medical frigate."
"Okay," the Commadore pressed an intercom button, "Lieutenant Mitchell, come in here."
"Yes, sir."
"Admiral Kirk, how would you like official Star Fleet permission to visit Commander Scott on Calderon?"
"It might work."
"Lieutenant Mitchell, make sure the Admiral has the permission he needs before he leaves orbit."
"Yes, sir," Mitchell said, leaving.
"He's the best at making false official documents."
"It's best to employ a person's best talents," Kirk agreed.

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