"Lieutenant Commander, you are in tip top shape," McCoy said, completing McCurry's physical.
"May I go now?" she said impatiently.
"Just two more things,"" McCoy said, dismissing his murses, "First, Admiral Kirk is very good at making scenes. Don't provoke him to start one. He has a special relationship with his senior staff and it is tough on him to lose one, especially Scotty."
McCurry turned away from McCoy, "the Admiral isn't the only person in this universe that cares about Scotty and what happened to him."
"I know that, but you don't know Jim Kirk."
"What's the second thing?" Dawn said stiffly.
"There is a meeting of all department heads in two hours. I suggest you make good use of your time between now and then, and don't be late."
"Yes, sir," she said.

"Commander Krag, the innformatioon you have provided will bring us victory in this. Providedit is true."
"There is not doubt in my mind that Damien Lloyd resides on Calderon. It is the closest point to the Klingon empire from the Federation."
"Yes, and we will go to Calderon and confront the Federatioon and make them give us their spy."
We, Krag thought. Kon was planning on leading this mission.
"We can take Calderon and Damien Lloyd," Krag said.
"We will not violate treaty with the Federation," Kon replied sternly, "We will demand our rights under the treaty and claim the Federation has broken it. I would not like to see my vessel or yours for that matter, blown to bits while half the crew makes an attempt to take a Federation planet."
"Yes, sir," Krag said. It is possible to take Calderon, he thought. Why waste the effort of two cruusiers on one Federation spy?
"We will leave as soon as the ships are ready," Kon said.

"Lay in a course for the 2G5 star system, Sulu," Kirk said.
"Aye, aye sir," he turned around and looked at Kirk, "which planet are we going to, Captain?"
"Calderon," Kirk said.
"Calderon," Sulu thought he know why Kirk wanted to go there, and wasn't sure it was a good idea, "Sir?"
"Mister Scott needs to have visitors."
"They just took him there. He probably hasn't stabelized from the trip."
"Stick to your job, Mr. Sulu," Kirk forced a smile, "I don't need free medical advice from you. I get enough of that from McCoy."
"Yes, sir."

Elza watched quietly as the last of the three shuttles carrying her sons departed from the DEATHFIRE to Klingon outpost 7A.
They wouldn't even leave together, she thought. Perhaps it is for the best.
"This is best for them, Elza," Krag said, he too watched the shuttle leave, "they fought even more than Klingons ought."
"I guess I shouldn't have expected to have the kind of family situation as I would hve at home."
"Klingons are not 'cal'ra, Elza," he said firmly.
"I guess that's what it comes down to, Krag," she said, with no hint of malice, "my sons are Klingons."

McCoy sat in his office, recording the routine physical he had just completed. He was tired; he had not slept much since Scotty had taken ill and had been keeping a careful watch of Admiral Kirk's reaction to Lieutenant Commander McCurry.
McCoy placed a tape into the computer to add his report to McCurry's records.
"Service record of Lieutenant Commander Dawn McCurry."
Soon the records flashed on the screen: "Oh my God!" McCoy said, staring at the screen, shocked, "Scotty and McCurry are related," He didn't know much about Scotty's family, but one in the same field? "No wonder she reacted the way she did."

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