Chapter One

Captain's Log, Stardate 7428.2. We are en route to Starbase 12 after completing our debugging mission. The refit and redesign of the ENTERPRISE is more pleasant than I imagined. I received a coded transmition from Commador Wilson Cramer of Starbase 12 concerning Klingon activity in the 2G5 star system. Our orders have not been specified as yet, but if Star Fleet intends to send the ENTERPRISE into the LEXINGTON's quadrant, they must be anticipating major trouble from the Klingons.
This territory is not covered in the Organian peace treaty, so we should not expect aid nor interference from them. The Organians have concerned themselves less and less with the affairs of the galaxy and only interfere with what concerns them and their treaty directly.
The 2G5 system is in Federation territory, but some of the surrounding systems have no such allegiences. Neither the 2G4 nor the 2G6 systems have class M planets, but the strategic location of 2G4 and the mining possibilities of the 2G6 are a concern to the Federation. Calderon has laid no claims to its neighbors.
I will discuss all the possibilities with my senior staff after we have recieved additional orders and our new Chief of engineering.

Kirk glanced around the bridge at his crew. They were all familiar, all part of his ship. He hoped that their loyality to him hadn't cost them advancements.
Even though the bridge was vastly different, stream-lined, his crew looked as if they were part of the ship, as always.
Spock. He had left the service, yet came backk when Kirk had needed him. He was at home on that bridge with its computer. Uhura, chief of Communications, a contrived title, yet one she had earned and had made good use of. Chekov should be someone's first officer, Kirk thought, yet he was glad to have his familiar Russian presence aboard. Sulu, the same, and the best damn helmsman in the galaxy. The new design suited him. And McCoy. He'd rather be on a farm somewhere with a private practice. But Kirk needed and wanted him here. That was enough. Yet with all this loyality surrounding him, he was neither satasfied, nor happy. It wasn't the same; all the loyalityy in the Universe meant nothing without Scotty.
"Captain, we're approaching Starbase 12," Sulu announced, pressing a few buttons.
"Fine," Kirk said absently, "standard orbit. Does anyone know anything about our new Chief of Engineering?"
"Lieutenant Commander D. S. McCurry," Chekov replied, "is one of the best engineers in Star Fleet, having designed the ENTERPRISE refit and working with Mr. Scott..."
"What does the D. stand for?" Kirk interrupted sharply.
"Dawn," Chekov answered.
"Mister Donald S. McCurry better be good," Kirk muttered hotly.
"Captain," Sulu glared at Chekov, "McCurry isn't..."
"Captain," Uhura interrupted, "Starbase 12 is hailing. Lt. Commander McCurry is ready to beam aboard."
"At least he's prompt," Kirk spat as he left the bridge.
The Captain wasn't going to like any new Chief Engineer.

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