Chapter Two

"Good afternoon," McCurry stood in front of her crew, "I am Lieutenant Commander Dawn McCurry. I out rank you. I am in charge of you, but most of all, I designed this vessel and helped rebuild it. So I know how it works, and what it needs to be done to keep it that way. I also realize that some modifications have been done on my original designs since this ship has been on active duty. Therefore I will conduct a general inspection in 24 hours. I require from the crew leaders the changes that have been made.
"One other thing I would like to say. I am not Commander Scott, nor will I pretend to be. You have a reputation as the best Engineering crew in Star Fleet. I intend to see to it that your reputation holds truthfully. Any questions?"
"Lieutenant Commander McCurry, "Bates said, "you just want the changes, right? Not each and every repair."
"Yes. Every repair did not alter my original design, Lieutenant..."
"Bates. Nicholas Bates," he replied, "thankkk you, sir."
"Any other questions?"
No one answered.