Vanessa: Biography of a Baseball Superstar


Baseball has been a sport primarily dominated by men. Not exclusively, however. In the 1940's women played baseball while the men were away at war. Receintly, there has been the beginnings of a woman's baseball league, playing game by game in the manner that men's baseball began in the 19th century.
Someday, we would hope, that the woman's baseball league achieves the status of the men's baseball league, or at least the status of the new women's basketball league.
There always is that dream that women will play with men in the Major leagues. This is a story of one such woman.
Vannessa Nicole North was born on October 1st 1980, along with her twin sister Donna Elizabeth North-Vance. Her father, Donald North was a pitcher for Anaheim, and her mother Barbara Jean VanNess-North was a psychologist. Barbara, and her youngest daughter Jean were in an automobile accident in 1990, in which Barbara was killed and Jean was permanently hospitalised.
Vannessa and Donna were raised by their father, and traveled with him and the team all of their teenage years. Donna married Baltimore pitcher Patrick Vance on her 17th birthday, the same time that Donald retired from pitching and took over as San Diego's pitching coach. Patrick and Donna have a daughter, Elizabeth, who was born on Donna's 18th birthday. Vannessa graduated from high school at 16, and went to UCLA, playing for the women's baseball team.
This story begins in February of the year 2001.