When I was in college, there was this man who followed me off of the bus. There was a grocery store on the corner that I would invaribly stop at before continuing home. Whenever I came out, no matter how long I'd take, he'd always be waiting outside, waiting to follow me. I once stayed in there for an hour and he was still here when I came out.
This happened once every week or two for an entire semester. It only stopped because I stopped going to school. I was very fortunate that was all that happened. It was very frightening as it was.

I remembered another incident that I had completely forgot about. I was walking to work one day, and was walking up a hill. A scruffy looking man was sitting in a blue car; he said something to me as I went past. When I got down on the other side of the hill, he was coming around the corner. I ran across the street through the BART station, and half-ran/half-walked the down the main busy street on my way to work. He was driving one street over, following me the whole way.
He went down, and made a u-turn and came back up on the side of the street I was walking. He pulled into a driveway in front of me, and I was nearly trapped. But two teenage boys had just passed me going the other direction. I turned and called to them, and the guy drove off. They walked with me the rest of the way to my work (which was very nice of them, since they had been heading the other way). I was incredibly fortunate that I was able to muster the energy to run, and that I chose to trust the right people.

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