reminder: sub <> for {}
All those links that you can click onto all over the web are hypertext. the tags are a href= and /a. In between the two tags is the text that you want to turn into hypertext. If you forget the /a, you will turn all of your text after it into hypertext.
example 1 {a href="http://members.aol.com/KaronAnn/index.html"}My home page{/a} will produce: My home page
same goes for e-mail links: {a href="mailto:KaronAnn@aol.com"}My e-mail{/a} will produce: My e-mail
a misplaced "" or a misplaced space or a mispelling will cause the hyperlink not to work. If something goes wrong, check the link carefully.
If you are interested in putting images in to replace hypertext, see the image lesson