The Basics

for each example, I substitute { } for the < > or the examples will not show up.

Basic tags

these tags begin and end the main part of your document
The body tag can also contain some special information
see elements of a body tag below
tagend tagdescription
html/htmlthese tags begin and end all of your html documents.
tells the brower where the beginning and end are
head/headthe very top of your document
title/titlethe only thing that goes in the head of your document
see example 1 below
pre/prePlace these tags at the beginning and end of
a block of text to preserve your spacing
see example 2 below
blockquote/blockquoteplace these tags at the beginning and end of
a block of text to create a margin on
either side. see example 3 below
center/centeruse these tags to center a line of text,
or a table or a list
bruse this to force the end of a line of text
where you want it.
1. If you look at the strip at the top of this document, you will see the words The Basics. Those are there because of what I put in the head & title of this page.
Example: {head}{title}The Basics{/title}{/head}
is what is used to create what I have on the top of this page.

2. Here is an example of {pre} and {/pre}:
without the tags,
January February March April May
with the tags,

3. This text is an example of a blockquote. It looks quite nice sometimes to have the text indented on both sides. I have found that sometimes just making a block of text in this manner cleans up the document.

Elements of a Body tag

If you just use the body tag plain {body}, you will produce a document with default colors. Black text, white (or grey) background, and so forth. For special colors, you must include them in the body tag.
{body bgcolor="#ffffff" text="#000000" link="#000ff" alink="#00ff00" vlink="#ff0000"}
bgcolor and text are self-explanitory. link is your hypertext link, alink is the color it turns when you click on it, and vlink is the color it turns after you use it. The color codes in the example stand for white, black, blue, green and red respectively. Color codes can be a combination of any numbers 0-9 or letters a-f, mostly in pairs (ff6633). Not all combinations show up on all browsers. I have found this chart helpful in choosing colors.

The Basics, Part Two