Castles in the Sky

Don't build your fortress on the ground Treasures there rust by and by Hoarding money on this earth Makes no difference when you die Heaven's trerasure's all you need; The Father's castle in the sky. The riches of this world are lost In hate and greed and pride What good they do you When death takes you for a ride Material treasures you can get Put your life on Satan's side. What treasures are in heaven? What has God saved for you? Waht reward will you be given When His plan is through? What place in His kingdom Is open for you? Don't collect riches on the ground To gather dust as time goes by. Earthly tings do not matter You'll lose them when you die. Heaven's treasure's are waiting; The Father's castle in the sky. The Kingdom of heaven Has been given to you; By Jesus Christ's blood Your life now is new. The treasures of heaven Will belong to you. The riches in heaven Count by and by And by Christ's death We no longer will die. Heaven's treasure's await us! The Father's castle in the sky.