Shadow Life

Who are you listening to When darkness draws near? When evil surrounds you, Who do you fear? Light and dark calling, Who do you hear? Shadow life, What do you see? Shallow life Who do you heed? Darkness falls Around you like shells Where areyou headed, Heaven or Hell? When time over takes you And your life is done, Will you be ready For judgement to come? Whose kingdom will call you A victory won. Shadow life All is not lost! Shallow life Come out of the dark! Change from the path That has gotten you lost Jesus the Savior Has paid all your cost! Your life is not forfeit; Turn to Him and see. You can come out of the darkness, And truly be free. He'll change your life, If you only believe. Shadow life No longer to lead. Shallow life Has all gone to seed. Light surrounds you To free you from fear. Dark has no power As Jesus comes near.