Dark Clouds are Coming

Dark clouds are coming In my life Covering over my soul When I awaken in such despair Over what has passed in the night Watch as the sun rises Where I cannot see Filling my heart with a pain I can't hide Darkness is taking the day away Nightmares are taking the night. Cry for me angels in the sky In tears which renew the land Cry for my heartache And for my despair Tears that fall on my soul Rain on me Lord Shed tears from above for my soul. Dreams are nothing but images Of waht will never be They can't hurt me, yet I let them By keeping them in my mind. What good does it do To damage my soul By wallowing over such pain The darkness of night that I fear the most Is the haunting by the night mare's ghost. Cry for me O angels Clense both my body and soul Renew my spirit with each drop of rain Protect me from that whic I fear Relieve me of all my pain Rain on my soul And save me again.