A human life has meaning From the very start. Do you think that it is fair To tear it all apart? A choice is being made By women in this nation. Too late I fear, for some of them Are interfering with creation. A choice that could have been Made some time ago. When it wasn't life and death But merely yes and no. Would God treat us as we are treating His tiny lives today? What are children to you now Just a thing you throw away? What choice will you make When you have a child inside Will you let the abortion system Take you for a ride. Choose in favor of the life Of the child in your womb, That baby deserves a chance Not a bloody tomb. A choice is being made By women in this land. A choice that is really Driving nails in Christ's hands. What did Christ die for? So mankind could survive. What choice can we make? Let's keep the little ones alive! God doesn't treat us like we're treating His little ones today. What are children to you now? Not a thing to throw away!