Visions of Love

I dreamed I was a dancer In the ballet that you went to Late last week. I dreamed I was an artist Painting pictures of the places That you've been. I dreamed I was a writer Of the songs you listen to Before you go to sleep. I dreamed I was a promise And a blessing that you wanted To keep. Don't think that I don't know you, Or I don't know the things you say. That if I weren't inside of you Your life would be yours again. And if you had just taken Some responsibility You wouldn't have a choice to make Or a life not yours to give and take But responsibility has chanbed. I am living inside of you I am growing up to be And you are responsible for me. I am as you once were The child in your mother's womb. No an it to discard at a whim To destroy before I have a chance. If your mother had done to you What you have said you'd do to me You would have been dead And spared this responsibility. Don't look at me as inconvenience, But as a living growing child. And if you cannot care for me There are plenty in the world who will. I dreamed I was a fireman Saving people from the death By the flame. I dreamed I was a lawyer Saving people from injustice In the court of law. I dreamed I was a preacher Saving people's souls To give to God. I dreamed I was a doctor Saving lives of infants Yet unborn. Just like me. You hold my life inside of you And my existance in your whim Please save me from this death That you are contemplating. To deprive me now is murder Because I am alive And because I have dreamed Of what I hope to become. Don't take away my chance to live Don't take away my dreams Don't take away my hopes Or my chance to call you "Mother."