On the road Once Again

On the road once again I'm hiding all my pain In a journey long to no where I'm on the road again. I haven't found a way To show how much I care So I'm leaving you again To travel off to no where. It isn't you that's wrong I hope that you do see That my tendency to leave Is a pain inside of me. I hope you won't be hurt Each time I leave this place, But I know how you feel By the tears upon your face. I'm sorry I can't stay, But I've got nothing I can say. I love you, don't you know That's why I go away. I know you do not see If I love you why I go There's a hurt inside of me That no one will ever know. Please do not ask again What hurt I have inside. I'm leaving to go no where With only the pain I hide. Remember that I love you And I will come back again If this time I can finally lose That haunting inside pain.