The Heart of a Mother

Though I have never been blessed with children of my own, I consider myself to have the heart of a mother. I love the children that surround me, my neices and nephews, my friends' children, and the two-year olds that I work with in a day care once a week. The mother's love in my heart, I extend to everyone I know. When I ask someone how they are doing, I am not asking an idle question; I really want to know.

The Brighter Side of Love and Life

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Love Poetry
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Soul of a Poet

I have been writing poetry since I was in the fifth grade. Poetry flows from me sometimes so easily, it's hard to keep up with. Poetry is the window to the soul. Everyone finds different meaning in the poetic words that someeone else writes. I expect that some of my poetry will be very meaningful to you in ways that differ from me. I find no fault with anyone's opinion of my work.

Many many moods

soul searching
sometimes troubled soul
loss of innocence
when bad things happen to good people
Love lost
sometimes love doesn't quite work out the way we want

I expect that some of the poetry on this site, for one reason or another, might be disturbing. Not everything that has touched my life has been pleasant. There is nothing trashy here, nor explicit. But some is quite emotional.

Please note: All poetry and text on these pages was created by me, and I reserve all rights to re-print and publish any and all poetry located on any of my web pages. If you see something you like, you must ask permission to use it, with full credit back to me and to my web site. thank-you

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