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Love Poems

  1. All love once known
  2. Falling in Love All Over Again
  3. We can Say I Do
  4. When
  5. To You
  6. The Very Thought of You
  7. I Want to Whisper
  8. Our Love is Our Strength
  9. Love
  10. We Are
  11. mele ho'oi poipo-A love Song
  12. My Love Floats on the Wind
  13. Paul, I Love You
  14. Love Will Always Find the Way
  15. I Wrap my Arms Around You
  16. My Heart Beats a Rhythm
  17. Bright Morning Sunshine
  18. I am Here
  19. Each Day
  20. Many Thoughts
  21. My Soul Whispers Your Name
  22. My Love for You
  23. When I Think About You
  24. Twas the Day
  25. I was Just Content
  26. Today I See You
  27. In My Heart
  28. A Love Song
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