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Soul Searching Poems

  1. Sad Eyes
  2. Don't Ask Me How I Feel
  3. Have I come So Far
  4. Where is my Heart?
  5. I asked a question
  6. Loneliness is not Thinking
  7. A lonely unnecessity
  8. Circle of Thoughts
  9. To mind's depths
  10. My life lies on the wings of time
  11. What do I seek
  12. Can we see beyond the storms
  13. Into deep water I go
  14. Loneliness is a state of mind
  15. What Wisdom do I seek Inside
  16. Melancholy Me
  17. I need to hold on
  18. The Future
  19. I See You in my Mind
  20. I Don't Have All the Answers
  21. Where am I
  22. I Will See
  23. A Voice Whispers
  24. Where
  25. Broken Mirror
  26. Strength

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