Resume for:

Karon A Wetzler

Home: 1-510-233-2079
Work: 1-510-231-9263
1960 Tulare Ave
Richmond, CA 94805
United States


I am applying for the position of Group Merchandizer of Electric Avenue at the Richmond, California (Store #1525) Store.

Work Experience

I have worked for Wards for 16 years; I was hired June 9th 1983, as a part-time associate in Women's Apparel, and I became full time in 1985.

I was moved over to the Kids Department later that same year, working as full time lead for the next 5 years.

My next position was Coffee Shop Manager, for 3 years until the Coffee Shop was closed.

Then I returned to the Kids Department for another 5 years, during which time I worked once a week in the Cash Cage.

Two and a half years ago, I requested to be transfered to Electric Avenue for the experience in another area.


Other Skills

30 years experience in poetry and creative writing
3 years experience in HTML writing and editing
3 years experience managing coffee shop
8 years experience as shift leader
Public Relations
16 years experience telephone answering
trained to operate pbx system


International Correspondence School-complete course in Computer Assisted Bookkeeping 12/96

Contra Costa College-basics-no degree

Harry Ells High School-Richmond Ca-1978 Graduated top of class

Work Experience

Montgomery Ward
06/09/83 - current
Retail sales, commission and non-commission, with experience in computers and 10 key
Writing skills employed in creating memos for employees
most experience in dealing with the public and
goal oriented tasks
Day Care Worker
10/95 - 8/97
Lead teacher for Friday morning church-based daycare,
caring for 18 month-3year old children. Leadership skills
including assigning tasks to other workers.
3/68 - current
I write poetry and short stories
and have done sports writing as well
web published only, to date.
HTML writer
10/96 - to date
Web page author using pure HTML or a combination
of HTML and HTML writers.


Member, First Presbyterian Church, Richmond CA 1979-date

alto, church choir, 1979-date

Guitarist, church praise team 1995-date