Requiem for Reena

The crew was very ill, some died
Your planet helt ritalin we needed
We came to buy or trade for life
With your guardian we pleaded.
At first he said to go away Then he changed his mind He felt you could learn something From men of our kind.
His study, filled with a taste of old earth, Is where you and I first met We shared a greeting and your wisdom And your beauty when we met.
We plaed pool and we danced Spock played a waltz of Brahms I told you how I loved you As I held you in my arms.
The ritalin that we came for Had to be mined again We wondered why Flint was delaying us Our crew so suffered in pain.
The ritalin miined a second time Was refined and it disappeared We found it with android girls Flint's delay soon was clear.
We'd discovered you're not human And Flint, a 6000 year old man But you now had some emotion And you stilll be human can.
Flint and I fought over you A battle we both regret You died so you'd hurt none of us And Spock had me forget.

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