Gary Mitchell

You should have killed me
When you had a chance
It's too late don't you see
My powers are too advanced.
I should have died then But my ESP saved me You should have known then But you're a friend, too blind to see.
I do not wish to hurt you We've been friends for too many years But my powers do what they want to As I fight to remember the years
James Kirk, it is too strong Our friendship-me and you But my powers will win out before too long And I, Gary, will have to kill you.
Go, it's too late to destroy me My powers have grown to their peak. Take your ship and leave me And tell command not to this planet seek.
You've killed me now, Jim And all is better for everyone Even, me my dear friend, Jim Whos powers amuck had run.
Don't feel sorry for me I did not want to live If it mean destroying a friend, you see I could not, myself, forgive.

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