A Night on an Alien Land

The mystic moon rises Over pink sand On a soft summer's night In an alien land, Where they know not of Earth Nor know of man.
The soft flowing wind That blows off the sea And brings a green wave On top of me And I smile as it hits And returns to the sea.
The stars that shine Through the dark night sky Tell of distant lands. As they roll by, I think of the Earth And start to cry.
It's lonely out here On this alien land Where the mystic moon rises Over alien sand I'm the alien here They know not of man.
They whisper and sing On ths dark summer's night, And they do not see me In the dim moon ight, As I lie on the beach Consummed by fright.
But when morning comes, My ship is in view. I can hear the voices Of my waiting crew. And the alien blue sun Shines anew.
As I board my ship I give a command Let us get away From this alien land Where they know not of Earth And they know not of man.