Corelib and the Black Hole

Planet life on a mighty fine day; Corelib IV life is simple and gay. Party by day; Party by night; When they were alive after monsterous fright.
It seemed one day. There was a scare When an unknown phenomenon happened their way. Seems something was coming At a terrible pace Or the planet moved towards it. Whatever the case It was monsterous, And bright as it seemed to consume all the light it could like an intergalactic whirlpool. The world seemed to stretch Toward the object that came But it's course came no further And soon veered away. Rather was saved by own orbit; Corelib pulled it's planet on. The black hole destroyed not today.
So Corelib IV had cause to be lively. It's sun had saved it by mere gravity. So the people would party and be overjoyed, Until they forget they were nearly destroyed.