I Don't Have All the Answers

I don't have all the answers, But do I need to? Do I always have to be right? Or wrong? Wouldn't life be simpler If everything was black and white. Good-evil, right-wrong And nothing in between No grey areas Where it's easy to stumble and fall Orr just not know the answers. But there are no absolutes No simple problems With easy answers. Only complications And mittigating circumstances. Anythingg can be rationalized In or out of. Anything. So where are hopes and dreams And ambitions? Where is hope in a world Where even murder can be Explained awway as "unintentional"? Where are dreams in a world Where life and death have Little meaning? Where is ambition in a world Where more money is spent On arming peoples Than feeding them? I don't have all the answers But I've got a lot of questions. Is it not right to wonder why People do what they do? Changes cannot be made If people ignore the problems. Or rationalize by saying "What can I do?" Or worse, by saying, "I must be wrong if no one else Sees it Or cares enough to see it." There is still hope There are still dreams and ambitions. As long as someone is willing To ask questions And to seek answers. I'll start with myself And let the world follow me.

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