Have I come So Far

Have I come so far only to be lost In thoughts of what I have not achieved? And at such a mourning what will be the cost To my life and to all I have believed? What is life to me but wasted time And growth a step to falling back away? And who am I to give a dime To care what I haven't got today? And if I listen to pity with intent To wallow in the mud of life's dark spell, To give away the life that I was meant To keep and to even cherish well. I can break the darkness I am in For hope and love bear light that I can see For dark as this comes not from within But from the one who hates the light in me. I can see far beyond the pain Of lonely thoughts and misery To the day where even earth will not remain And darkness will be cast in firey sea. And though the darkness tries, it fails To tempt me down the path of fear. And light and love again prevails As to the Lord I draw near. I come against the devil's spell Of darkness, death and despair; In Jesus' name all is made well, And by His power do I care. By His blood I am redeemed And by His love I have release From waht only moments ago seemed To be the end of life and love and peace. Praise to the Lord, to His Mighty Name! Jesus, lamb of God and Lord above. Precious Son of God for my sake came In times like these to bring me love.

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