Becky and Joseph and April

"Joe, come down to the fireside, And let me hear the tale Of the man who took a ride Three days inside the whale. Oh, tell me of Jonah, Joe! Oh, tell me his little tale! Oh, tell me all you know Of Jonah and his whale." Now Becky was the daughter Of the preacher in our town. She probably knew the Bible better Than anyone else around. But she thirsted for the stories, And wanted them to be told. No one ever denied her this wish; No one was ever so bold. Rebecca would sit by the fire, Every night of every year, And asked someone to tell her The stories she wanted to hear. Joe was Becky's big brother; He'd sid with her by the fire And tell her all the stories she wanted, Until they were both very tired. One summer a woman called April Came to visit our tiny town. She and Joseph grew close together, And she wanted to settle down. But Becky needed her brother; Her father had died in the fall, But April could see no reason Why Joe stayed with Becky at all. "She's old enough to be own her own," Cried April tooo Joseph one night, "She needn't be so possessive To deny your own life, all right." "But April, my dear,, you don't understand; Please be a little more kind. I cannot see why you didn't notice My dear sister Becky is blind." April knealt down on the floor Next to Becky the very next day; "I want to marry your brother, And I thought you'd be in the way. But I can see I was being possessive; I know I can share him with you. I love Joe enough to understand That there's no need to seperate you." April and Joseph were married In a town twenty miles away, Because our new preacher didn't arrive Until the day before yesterday. Becky and Joseph and April live In a town southwest of thee dale And Becky and April sti by the fire at night To hear Joe tell the Bible tales.