Into the kingdom did he bring the sweet And lovely maiden he called Kate. Beauty, It was hers from her head down to her feet, But sorrw lad beneath that deep beauty. She was not happy with her new found life. She had been captured and wished to be free; She did not want to be the great King's wife And sought a way to leave and to be free. Kate asked the King why he had brought her here. He said, he had a deep and lasting love For her, since he had seen her face. "My dear," He said, "can't you try to find lasting love In me as I in you." She said, "if I Could find a way to love you I would die." He kept her in his castle so to see If her love for him would become and so She sat all day and watched the windy sea And cried and cried for home. And when her low Mood reached it's highest peak, she tried to run Away from the kingdom. but she could not So she decided to the ocean plunge. She'd rather die than marry or get caught. When he found that she had taken her life, He felt as if he should also die, too. He loved her and wanted her as his wife And he took his dagger and plunged it through His heart and died for love for his Kathleen The loveliest Kate he had ever seen.