Uncle Joe

There were weeping willow trees Out in front of the house Where I knew happiness did abound. My mother's uncle Joe lived there. We'd go there in the summer time To visit for a day. The willow trees weeped tears of joy To keep the front yard cool And protect us from the summer sun. We'd have barbecued ribs and corn still on the cob, And sit and visit with Uncle Joe. Now Uncle Joe lived a long life And had many a tale to tell. And he told us his stories witha magic Which kept us in his spell. He told of ships in World War II. He told of mines he owned. He sant to us old songs And told us funny jokes. He made us laugh and cry; He made us never want to leave Though Sacramento weather Was always too hot to stand. He taught us how to make a whistle Out of a blade of grass. He showed us the best fun in life Was simply to make us laugh. He taught us to enjoy ourselves In a world of war and hate, By being cheerful to our family And true to what we believe. The willow trees are gone now And so is Uncle Joe. And many of the things he said Are blurred in memory. But I remember the love He had for all us kids. And I remember how we loved him Amd how much he is missed.