I Sat Down by the TV

I sat down by the TV To watch Days of Our Lives The world didn't need me For a while I'm all alone With psycotic killers And junkies by the score Tomorrow I'll sit right down And maybe watch some more. As the World Turns and goes on I sit here on the floor Waiting for the Guiding Light There's a knock upon the door I do not hear it though In Another World I'm lost Where rich men Search for Tomorrow At any and every cost. Nothing can disturb me From my daily viewing spot Ryan Hoped to go to Santa Barbara But I said I'd rather not. I told him I could not leave All my Children in a jam No matter what he says to me I'll stay right where I am. When three o'clock rolls around I shut off the TV Since the Edge of Night is off the air The day's over for me Don't ask me why I watch them I've got One Life to Live And weekday afternoons are mine And to no one I will give.