A Tribute
to young people everywhere

Most of the young people in this country are just trying to grow up. Let us find a way to help them achieve their goals in life. I have a better life than my parents did. We must ensure that our children have a better life than we did. Listen to the children. Hear what they say. Find out what they dream about, and what they're afraid of. Our children are the future, and we need to help them get there

I wrote these poems a long time ago, but still have something to say today. The first one was written for my younger sister's graduation class, and the second one was written for my graduation class. I offer them here as a salute to all graduating seniors, as well as all young people everywhere.

A Word for a Graduate

A turning point
One does reach
As one grows up.
To live in security
From the day of birth,
Then to be thrust into the world.
Perhaps unready;
Perhaps too ready.
From shelter and seclusion
To living all lone,
But not really alone.
The life must turn to what it should be,
From total dependence on mom and dad and God
To total dependence on God.
Then your new life,
This turning point of being thrust upon the world,
Will be even more secure
Thean before the turning point.
We have learned to grow.
We have learned to live.
We have learned to trust God.
Now we must apply what we have learned.

originally written for the class of 1980

Begun Once

Begun once
Awhile ago
Small, very small
With time to grow,
and grow did we
And learn and play
To find we'll begin again
Another day.

A new beginning
Where we're now.
Thought we're not certain,
We've learned how.
We've still to grow
And learn and play,
For we may again begin
Another day.

originally written for the class of 1978