AYBS TV Trivia Answers

Here are the answers!

These answers are arrainged in the order I listed when I started the quiz, with additions as they came. The name(s) of the person who guessed them are on the left. I've provided as many episode titles as I could.

Captain Elvis: 1) In "A Change is as Good as a Rest," the toy robot has a TV displaying Star Trek. 2) Mr. Harmon refers to a vacuum cleaner as R2D2 (Star Wars) 3) Mr. Lucas said Captain Peacock's pay was "Stolen by a dalek." Captain Elvis: 4) Mr. Harmon "if this was Star Trek, I'd put it on the transporter beam in the cellar and it would disappear in a lot of lights..."-The Club Marty: 5) Lucas: "How was that?" Humphries, "Makes Doctor Who's adventures seem normal." 6)In "Gambling Fever," Miss Brahms, refering to a customer's hat, "Well, it's very Dallas." Mr. Patel: 7)Mrs. Slocmobe, "How about that Joan Collins in that 'Dynasty'?" 8 & 9) Miss Brahms, "I'm looking for Dallas and all I'm getting is Coronation Street." 10) Mr. Humphries, "All I'm getting is Jack and Ori." 11 & 12) Miss Brahms, "Your life isn't like Jack and Ori at all, it's more like Blue Peter" 8-12 are from "Sit Out" 13 - 15) 3 references to Coronation Street in "The Erotic Dreams of Mrs Slocombe." Timothy Coward: 16) Mr. Rumbold says "Why are we watching play school?" in "Gambling Fever. Marty: 17) Mr. Spooner and co. appear on the "Around London" show in "The Pop Star." Marty: 18 - 20) closed circuit TV's were major plot devices in 3 episodes: "Gambling Fever", "Closed Circuit" and "Big Brother" Marty: (21 - 22) 2 references to cell block H in an episode of AYBS?A! where Mrs. Slocombe was on trial for driving away a rag and bone man's cart. Marty, Mr Patel & Captain Elvis: 23) Miss Brahms has to get home in time for Top of the Pops so she can restrain her mom when Gary Glitter comes on. "Hurrah for the Holidays" Marty: 24) The department pays a tribute to Young Mr. Grace with a presentation entitled "This is Your Department" patterned after "this is your Life" in "Founder's Day." 25) When the cleaners arrive at Mr. Grainger's farewell dinner, one of them mentions "This is your Life" in "The Clock." Marty: 26 - 28) In "Take-over" Young Mr. Grace is coming up with these outrageous ways to get the opposition and Mr. Humphries and Mr. Lucas mention they come from Kojak, Hawaii 5-0 and Columbo. Marty: 29 - 30) 2 references to Robin Day. One in the original series and one in AYBS?A! Marty, Clash & Captain Elvis: 31) Mr. Humphries refers to seeing Uri Geller on TV. Marty: 32) Mr. Humphries said he has friends over and they all watch Warship. 33) Mrs. Slocombe said that even when she watches Triangle she has to take seasick pills "Is it Catching?" Marty: 34 - 35) Mr. Grainger mentions leaving his purse behind on the "wireless" and Captain Peacock mentions leaving his on top of his Large screen colour TV. Clash: 36) In "The old Order Changes", Mr. Grainger says he has to get home to watch The Bionic Woman. Lucas "I wouldn't have thought that was your sort of program" Grainger "I want Mrs. Grainger to see it." 37) In "Father Christmas Affair" when Mr. H., Mr. L and Mr Grainger are rehearsing for the old folks home concert they do part of the song slowly and Mr. Lucas said, "Look, Bionic Grainger!" Mr. Patel: 38) The magistrate tells young Mr. Thorpe that he doesn't want any of that L. A. Law nonsense in the trial episode of AYBS?A! Marty: 39) In "Goodbye Mr. Grainger" Mr. Humphries tells Mr. Lucas he took up ice scating after seeing John Curry on TV. Marty: 40) In "Goodbye Mr. Grainger" Mr. Grainger states his wife had been upset that Mrs. Dale's Diary was taken off the air (20 years previously). Timothy Coward: 41) The BBC news was mentioned in "Monkey Business" Timothy Coward: 42) Jim'll fix it "The Old Order Changes" Mr. Patel: 43) Well done, Doctor Finley Mr. Patel: 44) The Onedin Line Mr. Dick Lucas 45) In Think Tank, Mr. Humphries outfit was inspired by James Bond in "You only Live Twice" AYBS?Fan: 46) In Strong Stuff this Insurance, Mr. Lucas tells Mrs. Slocombe "You've been watching Mastermind again." Timothy Coward: 47)In "Take Over" Mr. Lucas calls Mr. Humphries Fanny Craddock.